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Taki's workbooks are fantastic resources for any business leader

Taki’s Workbooks

From the latest book by Lura Fischer, Buzz: Engaging The Soul Of Small Business, Taki is a character in the book who has developed these six workbooks to encourage and promote wellbeing in the business world. Each guide will empower business leaders to promote wellbeing in the organization through practical steps and business practices. The set of six workbooks are a must read to gain the business know-how to increase productivity and cultivate a passionate workforce.

Each of the guides are complementary from the author. Simply click on the one you want, fill out the form and the guide will be emailed to your inbox.

The Six Domains of Life

The Six Domains of Life will change the way you develop goals forever. By focusing your goal-setting on the six domains you will find a clearer path to achieving your goals whether in relationships, career or finance.

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One-on-One Mechanism

The One-on-One Mechanism will prove to be one of the most effective means to gain buy in and guide results in an organization with a keen focus on the individual and that individual’s ability to achieve corporate goals.

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Discover the Money Guide for financial business practices. This guide is designed for business leaders who want a MBA crash course to build the financial health of the company.

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The People guide will provide the tools to build an organization focused on core values and building wellbeing for the growth of the organization and the individual.

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5 Hidden Agents

The Five Hidden Agents will illuminate some of the pit falls in building a solid foundation for wellbeing in an organization. This guide will provide useful information to navigate some of the more difficult situations and turn them into positive ones.

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Intro to the Seven Stages of Growth

Based on years of research Introdution to the Seven Stages of Growth proves to be a valuable business resource for leaders who are at various levels of growth.

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