Lura Fischer

Author of "Buzz: Engaging the Soul of a Small Business"
Lura Fischer

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Buzz: Engaging the Soul of a Small Business

A business story:

It begins with a Japanese Zen koan — a parable that teases the brain — from DT, a sinister billionaire. Taki Fujimori must draw on her samurai heritage to battle nefarious forces in the workplace and save her young company from dying. At the same time, a 500-year flood threatens to sweep her away into oblivion.

But Taki’s quest for her mother’s diary may cost her everything, as she pieces together her family’s past, intertwined with DT’s demons. Fortunately, her brother’s ghost keeps her one step ahead, but he, too, has his own agenda …

Armed with vitality, genius, and heart – her core values – she risks it all to launch a free-energy device with an enigmatic stranger that will revolutionize how both employees and an enterprise can sustain wellbeing and performance. Advancing business strategies and management tools weave into the story to assist even the most experienced business operator.

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Meet the Characters of Buzz: Engaging The Soul Of Small Business and their views of what core values mean to them.

Takako "Taki" Fujimori

Everyone keeps asking me why I make such a big deal about core values. Well, I see them as an enterprise’s crown jewels, refracting the light of industry and wellbeing. These jewels are a company’s symbolic vow to its employees, vendors and customers – that it is willing to operate with noble intention. It is willing to practice congruence with their cherished core values, in principle and deed, for the good of all. It matters!

Gina Fujimori

Right now, I’m working with the core value of True Love. I never see it on any list, but I’m pretty sure I don’t want to live in this world without at least striving for it. Besides, who says you have to have just one soul mate?

Marvin Horngut

My partner says my core value is Smartass. Hey, people, dig deep in your stew of humanity and you’ll uncover a core value lump of coal that is trying, like hell, to be a diamond. But there’s good news! You know how a lump of coal becomes a diamond? By being a lump of coal.

Trey Andersen

Loyalty is the sum of friendship, endurance, trust, and acceptance. I don’t give it lightly.

Daniel Tayakanagi

Winning at all costs. Banzai!

Leif Fisker

There’s a rhythm to life, like a melody, that each of us contributes to, as we live and breathe. The sweeter our resonance with our core values, the sweeter our unique melody and light. But some folks just like noise, because that’s all they know. Aspire to embody your core values and they will ring true through you. Dance with them!

Akio Fujimori

Our inner architecture can be a cathedral or a temple of sorts. Especially, when one’s consciousness sparkles with enlightenment. We all recognize it when we see it. Our heroes often serve as beacons for us; reminders that we too, in some small way perhaps, can serve as a lighthouse on another’s journey. Core values are the foundation for the consciousness we wish to build and shine forth.

Leni Lutz

Hon, figure them out and practice, practice, practice.

Kelly Woski

“Wait, did you just hear thunder?”

Fritz Sanchez

Uh, not sure yet about my personal core values. I like the idea of Genius. I think incubating our core values makes them contagious and it pays to be around really curious, smart people, because they make me even smarter than I already am.

Pete Logan

When I was developing the Stages of Growth, I realized I was happy. Why? Because I saw patterns that provided me with coherence and fidelity of experience. It was an extremely creative process and a pragmatic one at the same time. Structure, focus and clarity may seem like doddering old folks drooling in the corner, but when I’m my most creative, I am playing with these values like a kid in a sandbox. Hours stream by and I am figuring out how the business universe works, in some small way, that will make an entrepreneur’s life easier and richer.

Stephanie Sanders

Frump it, I have so much work to do and philosophical musings won’t collect ThriveCo’s receivables by themselves. As banker Bob likes to say, “Green stuff may grow from poop, but it still needs air and water.”

Maruko Fujimori

Love for my family, honor for my heritage, and strength for yielding harmoniously.

Rick Hunt

Core values are personal to me. I practice them in my marriage. I think of the core values I put on the inside of my wedding ring. One of them is Vitality. When I practice loving my family with vitality, I know my spouse and I have an inner circle that the two of us reside in, that is life itself. Our marriage is alive. We have to keep it interesting, caring and zesty. Then, there’s an outer ring with my three kids, and that whole family entity is alive, too. I practice being willing to be lighthearted in all my relationships. To me, that imbues a loving, living connection with everything. But it starts with my vow to my wife, inside my wedding band, where vitality circles in eternity. Whoa, I guess I had a lot to say!

Abigail “Sticks” Stickle

Committing to a core value isn’t for sissies. But it makes my life purposeful and passionate. Works for me!

Nalini Chandra

“Heart” always trumps all other values. A steadfast heart does not lie nor injure others. It houses an electrical spark, jumpstarting the next second of life, then the next. When two people find an accord, their hearts beat in unison. How is that possible? You ask me? How is it not?

Kit Fujimori

Can you hear me from the Astral World? My core value is Fun, of course! Pssst: see you in your dreams!